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Arik Lindsay DP in studio


Arik Lindsay
Director/Director of Photography

Arik Lindsay is a versatile Director and Cinematographer whose journey from the tranquil landscapes of North Florida to the heart of the film industry is nothing short of remarkable. Raised on 20 acres along the enchanting Suwannee River, Arik developed a deep connection with nature and a unique perspective on life. His early experiences in security contracting globally provided him with a wealth of life experiences and a keen eye for detail, both of which would prove invaluable in his later career where he transitioned from shooting firearms to save lives to shooting cameras to tell life's stories.


Drawn to the captivating world of filmmaking, Arik founded Next30 Productions, a company that stands at the forefront of innovative storytelling. With a background steeped in adventure and a vision that transcends boundaries, Arik Lindsay continues to leave an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape.

Arik is both independently for hire as a DP or Director/DP and when needed the resources of his entire team from our Emmy award winning executive producer to our talented  line producers, AD's, second AD's, gaffers,  location scout and managers and beyond. 

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