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Arik Lindsay

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Integrity. Honesty. Quality. Professionalism. Humor.

If the five words above are at the core of your values, your business and projects belong in the hands of Director, Director of Photography Arik Lindsay.

Arik and his company Next30 Productions offer full-service productions for a wide array of clientele.  For more than 17 years, Arik has been passionate about every aspect of the production business. His talents are best served in his role as Director and/or Director of Photography for TV Commercials, Documentaries, and digital content creation, but you can spot him often freelancing for other Production Companies and Ad Agencies across the country.

As you will see from his work Arik films his projects using the latest in cameras from Arri, RED, Sony and Canon matched with some of the very best in lenses.

From script to screen, Next30 Productions and our all-star teammates can create, plan, execute and deliver our clients a finished product that exceeds expectations. Arik takes the integrity of his work seriously and treats his professional relationships with care and respect. 

Next30 is licensed, insured, and provides the best crew anywhere is the state of Florida. One of the most common compliments received is from clients in reference to the talent and professionalism of the crew used to make their visions a reality. 


Arik Lindsay Family Man and CEO of Next
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2016 37th Annual Telly Award Winner

Super Bowl 50 Doritos Commercial "The 'D' Effect" (over 13,000 entries from 50 states and abroad)  Read more



“Spelling Bee” / Amscot Financial (People’s Choice Telly Winner)

“Zoltar” / Amscot Financial (People’s Choice Telly Winner)

“Cubicle” / Beef ‘O’ Brady’s (Restaurant Category Telly Winner)

“Cubicle” / Beef ‘O’ Brady’s (People’s Choice Telly Winner)

“Sandwich Ninja” / Beef ‘O’ Brady’s (Restaurant Category Telly Winner) 

“Sandwich Ninja” / Beef ‘O’ Brady’s (People’s Choice Telly Winner)

“Lincoln Gives a Lickin” / Beef ‘O’ Brady’s (Non-Broadcast Production Telly Winner)

“Lincoln Gives a Lickin” / Beef ‘O’ Brady’s (People’s Choice Telly Winner)

“Taco Bike” / Beef ‘O’Brady’s (People’s Choice Telly Winner)




"Amscot Financial Services Campaign” /Amscot (Business to Consumer Telly Winner)

"Buho" /Amscot  (Spanish Commercial/Financial Services Telly Winner)

"Buho" /Amscot  (Spanish Commercial/People's Telly Winner)

"Owl" /Amscot  (People's Telly Award Winner)

"Nada en tu camino"/Amscot  (Spanish Commercial/Financial Services Winner)

"Pregame Lineup" / Beef ‘O’ Brady’s (Restaurant Category Telly Winner)

"Hey Paddy" / Beef ‘O’ Brady’s (Children's Audience Telly Winner)

“Battle Lines"/ PGA Championship (Events Category Telly Winner)

"Steakout" / Beef 'O' Brady's (People's Telly Award Winner)

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